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Mirab Loole Toos sells polyethylene pipes with the best prices

Mirab Loole Toos started activities in 2010. Given the infrastructure of production of polyethylene pipes, as well as the growing need for society in the polymer products, and export to neighboring countries with low prices, the company has established three production lines. From the beginning, Mirab Loole Toos company leaders pay special attention to the stability and improve the quality of plastic products. This situation, combined with constructive relationships with clients, and low prices offered to contribute to the development of the company sharply, and thus, in a 2012 performance of the company has increased twice.Without a doubt, the success of the complex Mirab Loole Toos achieved through the tireless work of all staff, as well as high confidence valued customers who have helped us to overcome difficulties and achieve a high level of sales.


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