Polyethylene Pipes

Why choose Us?

Polyethylene pipes manufactured by Mirab Loole Toos have the following applications:

  • For water supply networks
  • For sewer networks
  • Fluid collection systems and industrial sewage
  • For pressurized irrigation systems
  • Collecting systems and wastewater
  • To cover the communication cable
  • To cover the power cable.

Advantage of polyethylene pipes:

  • High resistance to abrasion and chemical attack
  • Polyethylene pipe easily welded to each other
  • Have a high resistance against shocks, scratches and erosion
  • Resistant to UV rays. Thanks to UV, have a long useful life of more than 50 years
  • High flexibility. (Can be wrapped into a roll up to size 1100)
  • There is no need to repair wounds and between seasons
  • Thanks to their low weight, they can be easily transported and stored.
Why choose Us?